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The Mataura's Captain & Crew

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Capt. Tom McLoughlin has spent almost his whole life on and around the waters of Long Island Sound. He grew up in New London, CT, attended St. Bernard High School and then received his master's degree in marine biology from the University of Connecticut. His degree took him to Project Oceanology at Avery Point in Groton where he worked for twelve years. At Project Oceanology, he did research and taught people of all ages about the local marine environment in Long Island Sound. During this time, he developed a passion for both fishing and being on the ocean, and became well acquainted with the local fishing grounds and techniques. So, in 1980, ready for a new career move, he built the Mataura and began charter sport fishing with the promise of a clean boat, friendly crew, and unmatched effort. In the twenty years since Capt. Tom has become one of the most respected and liked captains in the business. A lot has changed since he started, but the fundamentals remain the same. So, when you hop on the Mataura you will still find an immaculate boat and a crew whose aim is to please. Captain Tom works harder to make sure you have a nice and satisfying day on the water.

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For those who haven't been fishing on a charter boat before, almost all of the time you spend on a boat is in the cockpit with the first mate. So, in order for you to have a nice, relaxing day on the water you NEED to have a good mate. The mates of the Mataura are of the highest quality. Over the years, the position of first mate has been filled with several different people. Tom's sons, Ben and Patrick, however, have been in the cockpit more than anyone and chances are if you hopped on the boat today you would find one of them there. They have twenty-five years of experience between them (as first mates and licensed captains) and it shows. With them, as with any other first mate you may have aboard the Mataura, you will have a personable and skilled mate. They will check and set lines, rig baits, and clean your fish with skill, and expertise. If you are a novice and need instruction, they will patiently demonstrate techniques for you. Furthermore, if you are an eager, experienced fisherman, they will let you get involved. The mates on the Mataura will work hard to make you happy- whether your goal is to catch lots of fish or just have a nice, relaxing day.

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