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The Mataura provides two main types of fishing charters- Inshore and Offshore trips. Both have different options and possibilities, from the length of time you are on the water to the types of fish you might catch. For information and details that might help you decide which trip is right for you and your group, click on the trip title. To talk to someone about booking a trip, call (860) 536-6970 or (800) 605-6265 . The earlier you call, the better chance you will have that your date is open. So, call today.

2017 Season Price List

Inshore Charter Trip (Bass-Blues-Fluke-Bonito) Weekday Weekend
bullet.gif Half Day - 6 Hours $820 $820
bullet.gif Full Day - 8 Hours $920 $940
Offshore Charter Trip (Tuna-Sharks-Marlins)
bullet.gif All Day - 12 Hours $2060 $2060

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