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We presume that you will be on I - 95, coming from New London to the south or from Rhode Island to the north. Take Exit 89, Allyn Street, off of I - 95. If coming from the south, turn right onto Allyn Street at the end of the exit ramp. If coming from the north, turn left onto Allyn Street at the end of the exit ramp. Proceed straight through the stop sign at Library Street, the traffic light at Route 1 (New London Road), and continue to the stop sign at the bottom of the hill. Turn right onto Route 215 or Noank Road. Proceed about a mile to the next stop sign. Turn left onto Mosher Street, and bear right over the bridge. At the stop sign, turn left onto Main Street. Almost at the bottom of the steep hill, turn right onto Riverview Avenue. Our dock is on the left approximately 1/4 mile ahead. Please park in the lot adjoining our dock, and be as quiet as possible as it is a residential neighborhood. map.gif Map of Noank

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