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The Inshore Charter Trip

Dave with a 53-pound striper caught in 1993- the biggest to date caught on the Mataura

There are two options for Inshore Fishing- Half Day (6 hours) and Full Day (8 hours) trips. The term "Inshore " is generally used to describe near coastal waters, and in our case usually refers to the waters of Long Island, Block Island, and Fishers Island Sounds. The most prevalent game fish in these waters are the Striped Bass, Bluefish, Fluke (Summer Flounder), and Bonito. Inshore fishing can be great for both the experienced and novice anglers alike, for it provides the most consistent action while still having the possibility of landing trophy fish.

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HALF-DAY TRIPS (6 HOURS) - On Half-Day trips, the boat leaves the dock at either 5am or 12pm (noon). Half Day trips, more often than not, provide ample time to go out and catch lots of fish. Usually customers commit to fishing for either Striped Bass or Bluefish, though it is common to catch a mixed bag of both. Some customers opt to devote the entire day to fluke fishing. However, there usually is not time to fish for all of them. Prices

FULL DAY TRIPS (8 HOURS) - Full Day trips generally leave the dock at 5am and are similar to Half Days; they just allow greater options and flexibility. For example, if the fishing is good out at Montauk Point or Block Island (both require about an hour of traveling time), 8 hours provides ample time to get there and put in the time necessary to adequately fish the waters. Furthermore, more time usually lends to more fish (though not always). Customers rarely go home without their limit in bass. Also, because of the extra time, customers can allot time to different types of fishing. For example, it is common on Full Day Trips to go for Striped Bass, Bluefish, and Fluke all in one day. Prices

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